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Current 6th Grade Students Must Have Proof Of Tdap Shot To Begin School on August 10, 2016 for 7th Grade.
CURRENT 6th Grade Students Must Have Proof Of Whooping Cough Immunization. Please submit proof of shot to school office by March 27, 2017
New immunization requirements for the 2016-2017 school year/SB 277: All incoming Kindergarten and 7th grade students must have current immunizations on record to begin school on August 10, 2016. California law SB 277 no longer allows personal or religious beliefs exemptions. Click here for more information.
6th Grade Social Studies Project Due 1/27/17
Your child will be creating an ABC book about Ancient Egypt. It is due 1/27/17. This project is worth 100 points.

ABC Book about Ancient Egypt

This project will demonstrate you knowledge of ancient Egypt, allow you to use your research skills, and explore your creativity. Time management is key to this project’s success. Two research days will be given during class. Most of the project will need to be completed outside of class.

  1. Make an A-Z list of words about Ancient Egypt. For example, “A is for Anubis” or “B is for Bastet.”

  1. Research the meaning of your word and write a sentence such as “A is for Anubis, the Egyptian god of embalming.” “B is for Bread, baked from the wheat grown on the banks of the Nile.”

  1. Tear two pieces of 8 ½ by 11 inch paper into 8 pieces. Staple the pages together to form a little book with 32 pages. Choose 6 letters that you want to emphasize and plan to illustrate them on facing pages. The rest of the letters will take up only one side of the page. Write the letters on each page with pencil first so you have the layout the way you want it.

  1. Be creative with the size, shape, and design of your book. The cover needs to represent Egypt. Background and/or book shapes have been pyramids, coffins, sphinxes, mummy masks, obelisks, gods, scarabs, ankhs etc. Covers and backgrounds have been made out of light cardboard (such as empty cereal or tissue boxes). Decorate your cover or background. The cover should also include a proper heading.

Grading Rubric

Advanced Proficient Basic Below Basic/Far Below Basic
Sentences are clear and well structured.
Details are sufficient
Structure may be present, but order and writing are unclear.
Some details provided.
Lacking sufficient structure or transitions.
Inadequate amount of details.
Lacks structure and transitions.
Little to no details
Research Research is excellent, accurate, and demonstrates understanding. Research is through, mostly accurate, and demonstrates understanding. Research is basic, incomplete, and demonstrates some understanding. Research is lacking and incomplete
Conventions and word choice
(commas, quotes, parts of speech, spelling)
There are no errors. There are no spelling errors. Accurate, specific, powerful words are used. One or two convention error. There are few spelling errors. Adequate use of word choice. Three to four convention errors.
Inadequate use of word choice.
Five or more convention errors. Little attempt to choose words wisely.
Work Ethic Best efforts used, excellent penmanship or typed writing, all illustrations are colored, example of best work, effort, and something to be proud of Proficient effort, penmanship or typed writing, illustrations,
Basic effort, penmanship or typed writing, illustrations,
Report is not a “finished” product.
Creativity Project shows student planned and created a project that was unique, interesting, and demonstrates excellent understanding of ancient Egypt. Project shows student planned and created a project that was somewhat unique, interesting, and demonstrated understanding of ancient Egypt. Project shows student did little planning and created a project that was neither unique nor interesting. Project shows student did no planning and created a project that was unacceptable.

7th Grade Social Studies Project Due 1/27/17
Your child will be creating their own personal coat of arms. They are to be creative. This is a 100 point project due on 1/27/17.

In the Middle Ages, individuals were identified by their Coat of Arms. As they were used on the battlefield to identify a person’s friends and foes, they were often in the shape of a shield. The symbols used on coats of arms were chosen carefully to represent an individual or an entire family. The study of the symbols, colors and patterns used in Coats of Arms is known as heraldry.

Design your own Coat of Arms

Create your own COAT of ARMS based on your hobbies, personality, character and family.

Read through the list of colors, animals and symbols shown below—which represent you?

Can you think of more animals or symbols that you could use on your Coat of Arms ?

Include the following information on your own Coat of Arms.

1. A symbol / picture to represent an important place.

2. A symbol / picture to represent a hobby / activity

3. An animal that represents you

4. Any other symbol or picture that represents you.

5. Include a Personal Motto (words or a phrase that represent you) at the top

8th Grade Social Studies project Due 1/27/17
We will be picking presidents on Monday January 9th during class.

President Poster Project & Presentation

Name of Student_______________________________
Name of President______________________________

  1. Research facts about your president. Use at least 2 different resources which may include books, posters, encyclopedias, internet, etc.
Source 1______________________________
Source 2______________________________

  1. Write your rough draft on a lined page. You may write on the back of it too.

  1. Write your final copy on the large poster page.

  1. Draw a picture of your president or something that represents your president on the poster.

  1. You must pick one “President Activity” to do and complete it.
My activity is ________________________________
(Extra Credit will be given for completing more than one!)

  1. Present your poster & activity to the class on January 29th.

President Activities
  • Dress up like your president for your presentation.
  • Make a collage or diorama about your president.
  • Make a timeline of your president’s life.
  • Cook up something that your president likes to eat.
  • Make a model of something your president was famous for.
  • Make a painting or sculpture of your president.
  • Make a mobile featuring important event in his life.
  • Write an interview with your president.
  • Find out about presidential pets and draw them.
  • Make a model, drawing or map of the White House.
  • Write a song or poem about your president.
  • Make a video about your president.
President Poster Project & Presentation

Grading Rubric

Name of Student_______________________________
Name of President______________________________

_____/10 Two sources are cited.

_____/10 Rough draft and this rubric are included.

_____/10 Final copy is written on the poster.

_____/10 Facts are accurate. Poster is complete.

_____/10 Drawing of the President is included.

_____/10 Poster is neat and sentences are correct.

_____/10 Project was completed.

_____/10 Project was neat and accurate.

_____/10 Presentation was given.

_____/10 Everything was ready on the due date.

_____/100 Total Points

Class rules and consequences
Classroom Rules:
  1. Listen and follow directions.
  2. Raise hand before speaking or leaving your seat.
  3. Respect your classmates and your teacher.
  4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Consequences if rules are not followed
  1. First infraction of a class rule in a day: Warning.
  2. Second infraction: Change of environment.
  3. Third infraction: Call home.
  4. Fourth infraction: referral to principal for discipline. Students have the opportunity to earn fun Friday privileges every two weeks. If they get to the third infraction then they have lost the next fun Friday.

Discussion Topics
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